Setting a static IP for Arch Linux on Raspberry PI

This is something that has been bothering me for the last months. I tried it in several different ways but none of them solved my problem. No matter the changes I made, after rebooting the Pi it always got both and static and dynamic IPs…

After all these months I finally found the solution, yay! 😀

This magic was hidden in the comments section of this blog. (kudos to Tchelovek)

As of today (23/03/2015) installing Archlinux on a Raspberry Pi (B+ / 2) does not use dhcpcd at all, instead systemd-networkd is used.To change from DHCP to static IP editing /etc/systemd/network/ is required.
By default it contains
DHCP=bothOne needs to modify it to
Gateway= IPs as required)
Review at

Turns out the newest versions of Arch use systemd-network, so in order to set up a static IP for eth0 you need to edit this file…

# vi /etc/systemd/network/

… and add something like…



Before finishing don’t forget to disable dhcp and netctl services. You won’t need them anymore.

# systemctl disable dhcpcd@eth0.service
# systemctl disable netctl

After rebooting, the Pi should get the IP specified on



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